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Baptist Fellowshp S

Get The Progressive Web App Today!

The is Baptist Fellowship Center's Progressive Web App (PWA)

It is different from the traditional apps that you get from the App Store or Play Store. 

This App installs on your device just like an app from one of the play stores, but it doesn’t take up essential processing resources or space on your device.  It’s easy to use and works beautifully, keeping you in contact with your church and pastor in your purse or pocket.

You can view the PWA on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  It works across different platforms.

Why Install The on my device?

Scan Me To Connect BFCapp QR code_revise
  • On your device you have next to instant notification about news at the BFCenter that benefits your church

  • Stay up-to-date about ministry partnership opportunities available through The BFCenter

  • Communicate with The BFCenter Leadership in near real-time

  • Have a ready resource for families who may benefit from the services at the BFCenter

  • Stay connected to a vital source of information and ministry to the City of Louisville

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