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Parents Against Violence Engagement (P.A.V.E.)

As you are aware, our city is in a crisis. We are experiencing the highest rates of crime that have ever occurredin the history of Louisville. Many youth, in the age groups of 0-24, are victims of these crimes. Youth betweenthe ages of 11-24, are also suspects in committing many of our city's crimes. In order to stop the violence andincrease the peace, we need parents to take command of their homes and control of their children.

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PAVE was born through its mission to help parents build new roads of hope and possibilities for our children.
In 2021, a group of parents and concerned citizens came together to utilize our diverse backgrounds and
initiate a parental engagement program that focuses on empowering parents to help end the participation and
victimization of their children. At PAVE, we value and recognize the impact that parents can play in ending
violence in our community.

It is our goal to provide a wrap-around framework which will train, support and empower parents. It will be
based upon individual, family and community needs providing resources and setting standards. In addition, the framework uses a comprehensive approach to parenting by recognizing the importance of modeling healthy behaviors, sound decision making and problem-solving strategies. PAVE will collaborate with various
organizations throughout the community along with volunteers to create a positive and supportive connection with parents. We believe parents are the best teachers and leaders in their homes and communities.

We need your help to make our efforts go even further. You can help us reduce youth violence. Louisville is
known as a "Compassionate City", and we would love it if you would donate to help us achieve our mission.
Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go toward our weekly parent workshops.


Engage, empower and equip parents with the necessary skills and resources to strengthen family connectedness and to reduce the rate of  violence among youth and young adults.


In 2021, a group of parents and other concerned individuals with a background in social services, came together to create a strategy with the goal to address the violence among our youth and young adults. The
Baptist Fellowship Center in Louisville, Kentucky serves as the fiscal agent for PAVE and provides meeting and program space along with the management of resources and access to operating support services.



Increase positive self-image through involving parents in activites and curriculums teaching them how to resolve conflict without violence in hopes that they will circulate what they have learned to their children and others in the community.

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We know that the close relationships in a person’s life can either increase or reduce the risk of experiencing violence as a victim or a perpetrator. A young person’s closest social circle—-peers, partners, and family members—influences their behavior and contributes to their experience.Risk factors at the family level include: authoritarian child rearing attitudes,low parental involvement, poor family functioning, and parental substance abuse or history of criminal involvement. Peer and social risk factors include involvement in gangs and social rejection by -peers.


PAVE’s strategy will strengthen parental and family connectedness through a 12-step method or 12 months of group learning opportunities,monthly positive family activities and events as well as through peer-to0peer discussion sessions.PAVE will partner with organizations and individuals to engage 20 parents annually and provide a 12-month cycle of activities that address 12 topics.

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