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Save Our Youth (S.O.Y.)

The Baptist Fellowship Center’s S.O.Y. (Save Our Youth) program is an after-school youth mentoring Program.


S.O.Y. (Seed The Possibilities) MALE MENTORING PROGRAM, is a program for young men ages 10 - 17. This mentoring program aims to provide character and direction for our teens as they struggle against obstacles stacked against them in this generation of turmoil, defeat, and distraction. Pitfalls in life can only be avoided through identification. The S.O.Y. Mentoring Program is designed to help identify those pitfalls and to teach them how to have a heightened personal level of discernment. The SOY Mentoring program intends to coach our young males into a lifestyle of choices, change, and a different outlook on society.

Our goal is to use a variety of methods to communicate the four elements necessary to make these young males feel a sense of connection

  • Helping them set and achieve goals

  • Aligning them with Advocates to assist them along their new journey

  • Instilling in them a new way of thinking,creating a new Mindset

  • Equipping them with the necessary tools needed to be successful productive citizens

There are seven principles that we use to affect their lives.
Each of which will be the focal point of our program.

  1. Integrity-Personal honesty and independence in making tough decisions that young people make in order to be successful.

  2. Discipline-Teaching self-discipline and the ability to be in control and responsible in school, at home, and in their community.

  3. Self-Respect- allows us to be more accepting of others' differences, to see people as people regardless of culture, class or creed and to understand the golden rule, "Do to others as you would have them do to you".

  4. Leadership-How to be an effective leader, being a positive role model to peers, siblings, and choosing positive leaders to follow.

  5. Empathy - Learning to have compassion and empathy for those who are suffering.

  6. Academic Performance - Striving for academic excellence in order to be productive in school, in their personal life, with family, and in their community.

  7. Community Involvement -Making a positive difference in the environment and everyday life through hard work and dedication.

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