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The Maupin Elementary School Mentor Initiative

The Maupin Elementary School Mentor Project pulls willing volunteers together from every corner of Metro Louisville to impact the lives of Elementary School age children.  Maupin Elementary School was named for Milburn Maupin, the last Superintendent of the Louisville City Schools before desegregation. 

The Baptist Fellowship Center has partnered with Maupin Elementary and five churches in the immediate vicinity to help the children of Maupin Elementary. The volunteer project seeks mentors who will come to the school once per week and engage the students in a one-to-one relationship.



Volunteers are asked to commit one (1) hour per week between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to come and support one student through a guided reading program.  Volunteers must be cleared by the Jefferson County Public Schools Volunteer Background Check System. 

Interested in impacting one child at Maupin Elementary School please complete the simple form and submit your information to the background check system. You will be notified about a training event designed to prepare and equip the mentors to engage the children successfully.   

Complete The Form Below & You'll Be Routed to JCPS' Personal Background Check Form.

Become A Maupin Mentor!
Which Grades Would You Like?
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